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Photo Flecks? 3 Easy Tips to Keep your Gear Clean

As photographers, we know how important it is to keep your equipment safe and clean...and how difficult it can be.

Since most people have a camera in their pockets now, sometimes the other equipment can be a bit intimidating. With more people finding their passion for photography, here are a few of our tips and troubleshooting to help keep your camera - and your photos - sparkling!

  • Notice strange smudges appearing in your photos? Using lens cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth, you can gently wipe away the glass on both ends of your lens to remove any grease or smears that may have appeared.

Then, remember to replace your lens cap when not taking pictures. While carrying your camera around and framing up your next shot, adding the cap in between can be tedious, and, if you’re anything like me, you forget a lot of the time too. However this will help prevent any damage or further dirt/smudges on your glass.

  • Still getting weird spots in your pictures? It may be flecks on your sensor inside the camera. To help prevent this, be sure to replace your sensor cap while changing or removing lenses. The sensor inside of your camera is arguably the most important piece to how your photos will turn out. Even the smallest spot of dust or dirt will be noticeable in your pictures. You can try to gently clean the mirror inside with a dry microfiber cloth, or if you are worried about the sensor, you can have it professionally cleaned.

  • Lastly, when storing or carrying your camera, make sure all of the caps are replaced and refrain from bumping or scraping the camera. Bumps like this can mess with the calibration of your lens to your camera, and may cause some technical difficulties too. Try using a camera bag or backpack when travelling to help prevent any damage to your equipment during transportation and keep all your glass and sensors crystal clear until you’re ready to fire them up!

Notice something on your camera still isn’t working right? Take it in to our friends at Studio Boise! They will be happy to perform lens calibrations and sensor cleanings to get your gear working right.

Did we miss any of your best care tips? Drop us a comment, and let us know what photography tips you’d like to see next at


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